Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lima (September 16th - 17th, 2013)

The capital of Peru is a city with a population somewhat larger than that of Austria. We hadn't heard many nice things about Lima, so we decided to stay there only for a short time before heading towards the majestic Cordillera Blanca. However, the time we spent in Lima was wonderful, and most probably too short.

We arrived in the early afternoon and tried to find a taxi that would take us to our hostel in the Miraflores district. Likely connected with the size of the city, the first two drivers refused, saying that they don't know the area. The third driver, as it turned out later, was also clueless. However, with the help of the tiny map on my kindle, Radek acted as our TomTom, and we eventually arrived at our destination.

After settling in, we took an hour long ride with a microbus to the historic center. We walked around and admired the colonial architecture. There were quite a lot of people about, but we didn't get the feeling that it would have been too crowded. We also wanted to see a fountain show, but to our surprise and disappointment, it was closed.

Central square

Lima in the night

The next morning, we walked around Miraflores. This is one of the wealthiest residential areas of Lima, with many parks, gardens and beaches. We liked it, despite the apparently persistent gray sky.

A beach in Miraflores

A cartoon exhibition in a park in Miraflores

Cats were introduced to the center of Miraflores as a measure against rats

In the afternoon, Sam and Zab, whom we'd met some months earlier in Bolivia, had us over for lunch. They were renting a lovely apartment in Miraflores where they were planning to stay for a total of six weeks. Sam cooked a delicious stuffed squash, and we discussed a myriad of topics for hours on end. We really enjoyed it, are really thankful to both Sam and Zab for making our stay in Lima so special!

More photos of Lima are available here.

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  1. Doufám, že takhle nádherné kočky s hebkou srstí se potkany neživí! Zdraví Mopinka.